• Mosaic Tile House
  • Mosaic Tile House
  • Artists Cheri Pann & Gonzalo Duran

The Mosaic Tile House: Walk Through Art More Than 20 Years in the Making

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Located along the Pacific Ocean, the streets of Venice, California are full of local shops and homes, each with their own unique quirks and designs. You might see a souvenir adorning the walls of a coffee shop, or a piece of artwork commemorating the family dog.

But perhaps no house stands out more than the Mosaic Tile House.

Artist Cheri Pann bought a small, fairly modest house in Venice back in 1994. Her intention was to add a big studio alongside the home. While that was under construction, Pann and her boyfriend, Gonzalo Duran (also an artist), decided to start “fiddling around with the ugly house,” Pann recently told Houzz. (Check out the full article on Houzz for even more fun, colorful photos of this unique house.)

That reconstruction project, which started more than 20 years ago, has turned into a full-time, full-blown, constantly evolving thing. The Mosaic Tile House attracts visitors from all over, and certainly warrants repeat visits, as the couple continue to add new pieces: Pann makes the tiles, and Duran attaches them to surfaces and forms he creates, inside and out.

The pair also have artwork that fans can check out (take a look at their website for examples), showing that while tiles may be what they’re most known for, they’re talented with other artistic tools, as well. And if the past 20-plus years are any indication, their pristine work of art, and general love for what they do, will never be completely finished.

*Photos courtesy of the Mosaic Tile House