Meet Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs – Greetings Tour Mural Artist and Photographer

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New York mural artist Victor Ving and Ohio photographer Lisa Beggs are on a cross-country journey in an RV, creating interactive murals that highlight communities through public art. If you’ve recently visited cities such as Chicago, Denver, Seattle or Cleveland, … Continued

Meet Lana Aburto: When Art Meets Play

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Lana Aburto’s initial impression after moving to Portland, OR reads like a skit out of “Portlandia.” “It seemed like everybody here had their own little storefront retail shop of their dreams. I was looking around thinking, gosh do they just … Continued

Meet Graham Yelton – Graphic Designer, Photographer and Doughnut Fan

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Graham Yelton is a Birmingham, Alabama-based graphic designer and photographer who has shot everything from weddings to law firm head shots. But lately, she’s embraced design projects that align with her own passions, including home interiors, fashion and food. Her … Continued