Tony Tasset’s Colorful “Artists Monument” Joins Chicago Park

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The renowned “Artists Monument”—a piece about artists and for artists—will be “revealed” officially in Chicago’s Grant Park tomorrow, Feb. 20. The 80-foot-long horizontal sculpture is etched with the names of 392,485 artists, ranging from iconic names (Picasso, Warhol) to emerging … Continued

Meet Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs – Greetings Tour Mural Artist and Photographer

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New York mural artist Victor Ving and Ohio photographer Lisa Beggs are on a cross-country journey in an RV, creating interactive murals that highlight communities through public art. If you’ve recently visited cities such as Chicago, Denver, Seattle or Cleveland, … Continued

Meet Deanna Bananas Hart – Painter, Performance Artist, and Mindfulness Practitioner

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Deanna Bananas Hart lives her life looking to evolve through understanding. As a child, unlike her peers who started with stick figures and outlines of shapes, Deanna learned to draw at church, where she practiced replicating the appearance of wood grains on pews or fabrics … Continued