Meet Amanda Bates and Kit Seay – Owners of Austin-Based Tiny Pies

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Photo courtesy of Tiny Pies.

One could argue that pie is the most comforting dessert. The flaky crust and flavorful fillings combine to create an experience that leaves your taste buds smiling. But the size of a typical pie makes transporting it quite the burden, especially if you only want just a slice on the go.

Amanda and Kit Bates. Photo courtesy of Tiny Pies.

Enter Austin, Texas-based Tiny Pies, the original tiny hand-held pie that comes in both tiny and teeny tiny varieties. Amanda Bates and Kit Seay are a mother-daughter duo that have been baking pies together for years. The idea for Tiny Pies came when Amanda had a conversation with her son, who wanted to take a slice of pie to school in his lunchbox. Amanda said the pie would get smushed, and her son suggested she make a hand-held pie instead.

“We knew we had something special during our first day at the farmers’ market,” Amanda says. “That day, we took 75 pies and sold out before the market closed. Then we went to a Peace Through Pie event that afternoon and won ‘Best New Practice.’”

Not bad for a day’s work.

The secret to Tiny Pies’ success lies in its local love, and of course, in the crusts of its pies. As Amanda notes, that’s what turns a great pie into an exceptional one.

“Our pie crust is a family recipe and made by hand daily,” she says. “Sourcing local ingredients is important to us so we bake a seasonal menu based on what we can find at local farmers’ markets and farms.”

A few of Amanda’s favorites are strawberry rhubarb and cherry. Fan favorites include the Sweet Texas Pecan, made with local nuts, and the Texas Two Step, a sweet pecan pie layered with chocolate brownie.

“We’re inspired by our customers,” Amanda says. “We like to say that we’re in the business of ‘baking up smiles.’ We love to think about the joy our product brings to people.”

Amanda and Kit are also thinking about what goes into running a business. Tiny Pies is their first foray into entrepreneurship, so there have been constant adjustments on the go as they discover the best ways to reach new audiences.

For now, they’ll keep spreading love one pie at a time.

Photo courtesy of Tiny Pies.