Holiday Want List: Compartes Chocolates

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Photo courtesy of Compartes

If you’re still struggling to find a gift for that last person on your holiday shopping list, Compartes has you covered. The Los Angeles-based chocolatier is known for crafting beautiful, small-batch chocolates that perennially please every gift recipient.

Owner Jonathan Grahm views chocolate as art, and he hand draws and paints all of the designs on his chocolates as well as the corresponding packaging for truly breathtaking creations. Since this is such a unique epicurean creation, Grahm notes that there’s an uptick in sales this time of year.

“We definitely are extremely busy around the holidays,” says Grahm. “The most popular offerings are the gift sets—they’re so beautiful, already ‘gift-wrapped’ in the drawer boxes, making them perfect for any gifting needs.”

While truffles in nostalgic flavors such as gingerbread, eggnog and apple pie are annual customer favorites, Grahm created a few new treats for this year’s holiday season. Below, Grahm breaks down his limited-edition holiday bar flavors, which include Gingerbread, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Sticky Toffee.

Photo courtesy of Compartes

GINGERBREAD. “This is my favorite of the holiday designs. It’s got this geometric zigzag with ornaments or light bulbs. The striking, beautiful gold design on the jet black feels very luxe and special and evokes a lot of the coloring and branding that Compartes has become known for. The design was a picture that I drew of Christmas lights that was originally done in color. I changed it to be all gold since I felt it was so striking and neutral and not holiday specific, which was a big part of why I developed these gorgeous black and gold chocolate bars for our holiday collection this year. We take Compartes signature dark chocolate and hand stud it with homemade gingerbread cookies and tons of pieces of crystallized ginger. This bar is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!”

CINNAMON TOAST. “This design is based on a little pencil sketch of an abstract Christmas or holiday tree. I really wanted it to also feel like a triangle as that is Compartes’ signature shape that appears on all of our packaging as well as the fact that the bars themselves break up into triangle pieces. The design of gold with the black sketch looks like a Christmas tree and has a holiday feel, but at the same time, it could also sell year-round because it’s not a super-specific red or green Christmas tree with lights on it. Also, taking Cinnamon Toast Crunch and adding three different types of cinnamon to the batter for this bar—it is probably our most delicious bar we’ve ever created. It’s so delicious. Everyone says we need to sell this flavor all year long!”

STICKY TOFFEE. “This has hand-drawn snowflakes that everyone in our design studio drew. I love it because you’ve got the jet black background and all these different snowflake versions on the front. This one feels super holiday but also soft, sophisticated and fashion-forward. Again, this design of black and gold really evokes our signature Compartes black gift boxes and the gold and brass colors that you see in all of our stores. I think it’s a really chic holiday design and the flavor is just phenomenal with pieces of homemade toffee, toffee sauce, dates and sea salt. This is exactly what everyone should be giving for their holiday gifts this year!”

The full lineup of Compartes chocolates, including the three limited-edition bars, are available in stores and online.