Graffiti USA Pairs Brands with Street Artists for Hire

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Photo: Graffiti USA. Live graffiti for Fuji Film at PhotoPlus Expo NY.

Looking for an original, authentic piece of artwork that helps capture what your company, event or product is all about? Try graffiti.

Graffiti USA is a nationwide collective of professional graffiti and street artists for hire, specializing in corporate office murals, live art for events, interactive art and more. The company also provides a unique platform that allows top graffiti artists to work on commissioned art anonymously, executing professional projects while staying true to their trademark styles.

“Graffiti USA came out of my passion for doing graffiti. There wasn’t a company out here doing this,” says Victor Fung, co-owner and president of the company. “A lot of artists don’t want the recognition, per se – they just want to do their art. They don’t want to sell out. We provide [clients with] the authenticity while providing a platform for artists to work anonymously through us.”

The company started out with friends and eventually other artists that Victor met through his travels with the Greetings Tour, a cross-country mural project that aims to create public art that will become future landmarks. Graffiti USA decides which artists on their roster will be a good fit for a specific project and has created style guides to help determine what a client is looking for.


Photo: Graffiti USA. Gov Ball NYC 2014 entrance.


Victor says the company is always looking for new creative concepts and one upcoming project is an Interactive Sound Mural for New Balance at the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Using the technology created by commercial sound studio One Thousand Birds Interactive, a piece of artwork triggers sounds from a built-in speaker in the canvas, inviting patrons to use the mural as an instrument. This video below from sister company Klughaus, also owned by Victor, demonstrates how a similar project works.



Other projects include murals that break down after an event ends so guests can take part of the art home. For a company holiday party one year, Graffiti USA created a canvas from 150 iPhone cases. A live graffiti artist created an abstract piece over the cases throughout the evening, and guests picked a case off the mural to take home.


Photo: Graffiti USA. LinkedIn office murals in NYC.


They’ve created custom artwork for tech companies like LinkedIn and Airbnb, beauty companies such as bareMinerals, music festivals including The Governors Ball, professional sports teams, and hotels and restaurants across the country. If you can dream it, they can probably do it. Check out more of their incredibly creative work here.