Epicurean Jewelry Offers New Look at Food

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Photo: Delicacies

A new company called Delicacies has launched two epicurean bracelet lines that highlight the beauty of food. Founded by Nicole Nelson, along with her husband John and “Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern, Delicacies features a more slender “Delicacies” line and a slightly wider “Thick Cuts” line of bracelets. Each bracelet is composed of a thin leather cuff with a buckle and clasp and a single silver ingredient charm attached to the strap. The straps are offered in various colors, and the website offers meaning into each culinary ingredient.

The website also notes that “every purchase creates ‘Delicacies Dollars’ — money donated directly to food shelves and food banks that fight hunger and food insecurity.”

A note from the founder further describes Delicacies:

“Delicacies is a dream that I am so excited to realize. I love the idea of ingredients as pretty, wearable tokens that bring us home, in an instant, wherever we need to be. Delicacies is about finding your center, with food as your guide. It’s about honoring and respecting simple ingredients, and recognizing a bit of ourselves in them.”

The website FAQ notes that future plans include necklace pendants and select ingredient charms available in gold. Check out the current offerings here.