Brick by Brick: A Peek at the World’s Largest Lego Art Exhibit

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Cincinnati is now the home to the world’s largest Lego art exhibit.

Photo: WLWT-TV Cincinnati

The Art of the Brick, which opened October 23 at the Union Terminal at the Cincinnati Museum Center, features more than 100 Lego renditions of famous art.

Photo: WLWT-TV Cincinnati

“(They’re) squares when you see the sculptures up close,” says Nathan Sawaya of New York, the artist behind the exhibition.

“You’re going to see those sharp corners, but then when you back away from it, you look at the artwork from say a different perspective (and) all those corners are going to blend in.”

According to Cincinnati’s new station WLWT, the exhibit includes classic pieces of art such as the “Mona Lisa,” “Starry Night,” “The Scream” and “American Gothic.” You can also find historic works of art like the Sphinx, the Venus de Milo and The Thinker; as well as 50 original art pieces.

Photo: WLWT-TV Cincinnati

The Art of the Brick is the first major museum exhibition to be solely constructed from Lego. It will be open at the Cincinnati location through May 1, 2016.

Click here for more details and here to see photos from the exhibition.

Photo: WLWT-TV Cincinnati