Anthony Bourdain is Back for Another Season of Raw Craft

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Photo courtesy of The Balvenie, "Raw Craft"
Photo courtesy of The Balvenie, “Raw Craft”

It’s hard to go to a restaurant nowadays without coming across terms like “farm-to-table,” “handcrafted,” or “crafted in-house,” among myriad other buzzwords. It doesn’t matter the product; anything can fit the bill of being artisanal and perfectly crafted.

That’s why it’s so refreshing that Anthony Bourdain is back with another season of Raw Craft, a web series that highlights pure craftsmen. In each episode, Bourdain meets folks like Andrew Hoyem, master typographer and printer, and saxophone player, designer and restore specialist Steve Goodson, and learns more about their craft.

In order to bring us this web series, Bourdain has partnered with single-malt Scotch brand The Balvenie. He recently chatted with Vice about some of the trends he’s seen in the food and drink industry, and named the “artisanal potato chip” as one of the most grossly mislabeled products. He also described the kind of people he features on his show:

“They don’t let a machine do the work; in many cases, the machine could do the work faster and cheaper,” Bourdain said to Vice. “So it’s a really visual, easily understood, easy to sympathize with. You see somebody working—I saw somebody make a pair of shoes the other day, and how hard it is to put together a pair of shoes…by hand.”

Three new episodes of Raw Craft are now available here, and guests include a custom guitar maker, a master metalsmith and an improvisational furniture maker. “Their remarkable stories need to be told,” says Bourdain in each episode’s intro, and Raw Craft deserves a watch.